Two maps, together showing the full circle | all GPS-tracks

Map 1: The continent
Map 2: Shetland, Orkney, Scotland and England
Here you can view and download the GPS-tracks of our tour. The tracks include all our own interpretations of the circle. E.g. we went to Dover, not to Harwich, and so we include a tiny part of France, and further the Belgian coast and the southwestern part of The Netherlands.
Also they include all points where we went wrong - this can be easily seen on the map.
Of each country the .gpx-file is downloadable, and a link to the Everytrail-website is shown, where the track can be viewed, including a large numer of photos.
The GPS-tracks of specific days, including photos, can all be found by choosing the right day in our blog.

countrydistancegpx-filemap and photos
Netherlands635 kmgpxmap
Germany593 kmgpxmap
Denmark776 kmgpxmap
Norway1296 kmgpxmap
Shetland & Orkney307 kmgpxmap
Scotland951 kmgpxmap
England1347 kmgpxmap
France & Belgium & rest NL50 & 100 & 259 kmgpxmap